Raj Taskar 'Acupuncturist'

My aim of practicing Acupuncture is to bring health to the people of all social economic groups with a holistic approach by using classical acupuncture. I emphasize the scientific use of Acupuncture because Acupuncture is indeed a medical science with a lot of modern research evidence. All the reports revealed that acupuncture has a physiological mechanism. Now Acupuncture is recognized by Government of Maharashtra, FDA and WHO as a basic treatment for many diseases, the list of which is given in this website. I do not leave any stone in giving my patient the best acupuncture treatment. My treatment is not only based on my knowledge of ancient acupuncture and clinic experience, but also on modern researches and new scientific discoveries on the effects of acupuncture in different diseases, I am practicing Acupuncture in Nashik & Mumbai since 14 years.I have successfully treated many diseases and disorders. I specialized in treating Chronic Pain Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Sciatica, and Arthritis Stress-Related Syndromes migraines, anxiety, depression, and insomnia

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient healing science with which diseases are cured and patients are healed by puncturing body surface with tiny needles to balance the patient’s vital energy. It is a specialized scientific procedure performed by an expert and specialized acupuncturist Doctor having in-depth knowledge of pulse diagnosis in human bioenergy science. Acupuncture is a painless method of treatment which can be taken from 4 years to 80 years of age.


Ancient Healing Science

Acupuncture is a science for the prevention of disease & for the maintenance of health. It is a scientific method of treating diseases by puncturing tiny needles on the body surface to balance the vital energy.


of CHI

The ancient we leave that energy flows through the human body continuously.
This is a vital motivating force, which burns like a fuel all through one’s life. It is called Qi or CHI or Vital energy.